Welcome onboard, Mr Teoh :-)

What is this about? Koolgeek asked. Thank you for the question. This is all about Merdeka Review's 2nd anniversary. We had our time at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort last night. Around 150 readers turned up. I was busy, collecting smiles from every face came across me. They would say "oh you are the one......" when I passed them my name card or told them my name. They know me not because I wrote excellent pieces, it is just because there are only 5 writers in Merdeka Review, including our editor. Our team is growing, however. It has added up to six now, since Mr Teoh Kian Hoon (behind, number 2 from left) is now with us. As a sincere, responsible and gifted writer, Mr Teoh is well known and highly respected in Chinese community. I am proud to stay in a team with him. My beloved colleagues surely feel the same.


koolgeek said...

ok.. goodnite

koolgeek said...

ahh.. so you're a merdeka journalist.

Anonymous said...

Dear sheep : nihao
i dont like this Teoh. he is a man of no principle.
He can change his stand very fast- just to cari makan.
Btw ,how come he havent write anything.

ikekong said...

Hello, I am a film director from London, Ike Ong and am currently working on a documentary about Tun Dr. Mahathir from the chinese perspective. I'd like to contact Mr Teoh Kian Hoon and other member of Chinese Studies to interview. Please contact me at ikekong@gmail.com.