Driving alone on this familiar highway, Nirvana in the air. Motorcyclists come, and go. Everybody is going somewhere but the clouds on top never give me any hint on where I shall go. The weather is fine but I feel like hiding somewhere. I shall hide in the music, or the lyrics, in anything light and unsensible. There is something close to me disappeared from my life. Something I'm not thinking of getting it back. Nevertheless the city doesn't look cute and this life becoming more and more unfamiliar to me. Driving alone on this familiar highway, I feel like hiding away, away from everything meaningful to me.


Anonymous said...

ah.. long hiatus...


Anonymous said...

You have been neglecting your English readers...


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ashi said...


I wrote this in deep sadness. You're a good girl having a vulnerable heart. Cloud can turn into rain when wind comes. How I wish there'll be nothing to hurt you and I can always see that sunshine smile on your face.

Miss u too. Not knowing why, I feel like crying at this moment. You shall come and we'll celebrate Teng's birthday together.

Take care dear. Wherever you go, don;t get lost.

Anonymous said...

Hey, life treats me well and there is nothing in life that I want to complain about. It's just that this thing called 'blues' hits you once in a while in life.

And cloud doesn't have a vulnerable heart! Let me reassure you. You will always see the bright smile on her face.

Will be in KL with my dad next week but don't think I will stay. I have tonnes of work (it does sound weird for an employed person to say that, doesn't it!)to do before I leave for Vietnam. Think my dad is going to be okay for now, spoken to a Radiologist yesterday. He needs his previous CT scan film to comfirm that though. So fingers crossed.

Don't worry, I know my way home. :P

Good luck to you!


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