Family Time, in court

They brought him to the court before 8am. I arrived around 8, Marina and her daughter were already there. I said hi to Marina and asked her, "not yet arrived"? She told me he had arrived, he was inside the van.

There was a white van with all windows in deep black. I could not see him but I smiled at the window and said hi.

After half an hour, the police yet brought him out. Before he was brought out, they put a "Do not cross" yellow line a few meters from the van and asked everybody to stand behind the line.

Supporters shouted "Pete, be strong" once they saw him out. Among them, Azmi Sharom, respected UM law assoc prof cum columnist, and a blind lady wearing "Free RPK" t-shirt.

Raja went in the court. Supporters gave him a big applause. His wife hugged him tight and they kissed. His supporters hugged him and told him be strong. At that moment, I had tears in my eyes. Despite wearing journalist tag, I went to him and shook his hand.

I was thinking, government politicians could be that powerful. They could use whatever law for whatever purpose, each and every government engine is ready for them to abuse. They could lock any healthy and cheerful looking person up and turn him/her into a weak and pale person spending every moment sitting in a dark place hoping for a bit more time to spend with family and friends.

Raja is there, sitting in dark every day and night, when I go to work, go shopping, when I thinking of which restaurant to go, enjoying massage. I tell myself, he's there in dark every moment. I must not forget.

I can do very little to help. As a journalist, the best help I can think of is to keep asking the Prime Minister questions on ISA.

On the press conference Abdullah announced not contesting in UMNO election, I asked him, "You had just anounced your reform agenda, I'd like to know if u'd consider to abolish ISA before you step down?"

He said there're things get done fast, and things that take time.

I asked back, "Is that mean you'll not?" He ignored my question and turned to another reporter.

Yesterday in Gerakan, Hong Siang (my ex-colleague) asked him almost the same question. Abdullah said he answered the question to him before and his answer would not change. He then said he wanted to stop the press conference.

I immediately thraw out this, "how about release of ISA detainees?" As he had already raised his body from the seat, I asked him the same question again. He just answered, "nanti dulu lah".

(going to dinner, to be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Don't cry baby. There is no need to.

Yen said...

"To be or not to be", this is every being's 天问. The black force is strong, but nothing is unbeatable, we have to stand to it.

Yen said...

How about adjust the blog time zone back to normal one? It's 11 hrs late.

Anonymous said...

looks like it's not only 11 hours late. where is the second part?

RPK released liao loh, moi.