Banana's Day

I have a yellow singlet with some powerpuff girls flying on it. So I put it on on a hot Saturday. I unparked my car, grasped a yellow birthday girl, and rushed to Chin Huat at OUG shopping mall. Bananas were there, awaiting us.

"Free banana, free banana", if you happened to pass by, you got a free banana and a free smile. People looked at me with "???" on their faces. Some people took a banana from me, and walked away from me. Some asked me a question before plucking a banana, "are you going to sell something after this?" One specified the question, "are you asking people to sign for Digi after this?"

"No no no, I am not selling anything, I am celebrating yellow Saturday."

"What is that, yellow Saturday?""Oh you remember there was a demonstration in town calling for electoral reform? After that people wear something yellow on every Saturday to keep the momentum." ...... (some more some more explanation)

Most of the people knocked their head after listening to my lecture. One audience asked for another banana after listening. An aunty happened to thank me, after knowing I am not from the opposition and I bought the bananas by my own money. She is one of many Malaysians that believe there are a lot of lopholes in our electoral system and there is a need to reform. She took a banana from me, and took another one for her husband.

Beside me, there were some guys promoting credit cards. No kidding, our business was far better than them. 150 bananas were given away in just an hour, according to Chin Huat. :-) There were only 5 of us.


koolgeek said...

u should post more photos here.

overseas msian like myself would love to see more of what's going on back home.


wei see said...

I wonder who this koolgeek is :-)
I hope my English can be as good as yours so i can communicate better with people like you.
The other photos are with Chin Huat. Hopefully he can send me the photos if he knows we have demand here.

koolgeek said...

my ingerish is no gud eiter

koolgeek said...

but whu kares..